Did you know that MS Excel could talk to you!!!

Isn’t that the Aha Moment? You relax by the armchair and let Excel read for you!

Excel has a feature that allows users to hear the cell value using the Speak Cells options. This is quite useful when you are typing or reading long list of values and want to listen to the values as they are typed or cross check the types values.

Enable Speak Cells button in Excel

Speak Cells buttons are by default not available in Excel toolbar. These buttons can be made available using the Customize Toolbar option.

Step 1: Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar and select More Commands from the list.

Excel Quick Access Toolbar Speak command

Step 2:  Then select All Commands in Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 3: Scroll down the commands list and add all the Speak Cells related commands to Quick Access Toolbar which is part of the right hand side list.

Step 4: Then click Ok button to save the changes and close Customize Quick Access Toolbar screen. Now all the Speak Cells buttons should be available as part of Quick Access Toolbar as shown in the below screenshot

The different Speak Cells buttons are Speak Cells, Stop Speaking Cells, Speak Cells by Columns, Speak Cells by Rows and Speak Cells on Enter. You can select the Cell range and start using the Speak Cells feature.

Speak Cells – The users will start hearing the cells values on clicking this button.

Stop Speaking Cells – This will stop Speak Cell feature.

Speak Cells by Columns – When this option is combined with Speak Cells, Excel will enable Speak Cells by column wise.

Speak Cells by Rows – When this option is combined with Speak Cells, Excel will enable Speak Cells by row wise.

Speak Cells on Enter – Excel will enable Speak Cells on press of Enter key on Keyboard.

–Ashish Singhal—